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ONLINE ONLY. Our office and warehouse is located in Auckland. All prices displayed are exclusive of GST
Our office and warehouse is located in Auckland. All prices displayed are exclusive of GST

Nano SPY TH Recorder

by JRI
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SKU JRI-11568

The Nano SPY TH  internal sensor measures, records temperature and relative humidity and transmits its data to a nearby Nano SPY LINK module via 2.4 GHz radio frequency communication. The data is automatically sent to the JRI secure Cloud for hosting, and will be managed on the JRI MySirius web application. If thresholds are exceeded, alerts are transmitted in real time via alarm SMS/Text and email. The Nano SPY will also flash red when in alarm as well at the Nano SPY Link module. Small and robust, it is designed to monitor temperature and relative humidity 

NOTE: To operate the device requires connection to Nano SPY LINK and My Sirius subscription.

Interface                      Status LED lights and On/Off touch sensitive button
Measurement range    -30°C to +70°C & 0 - 100% RH
Accuracy                     ±0.4°C from -20°C to +40°C and ±0.5°C out of this range. Between +15°C and +25°C : ±3% RH from 20% to 80% ±5% RH from 0% to 20% and 80% to 100%
Communication            2.4 GHz (802.15.4)
Memory                        10,000 data points
Sensor                        SENSIRION SHT25 digital
Operating conditions     -30°C to +70°C
Resolution                     0.01
Measuring and transmission period       Adjustable from 5 sec to 12 hrs
Internal memory recording period          Adjustable from 5 sec to 24 hrs
Response time t90                                ~2 mn at 90% of the variation
Protection                                               IP40
Case                                                       Polycarbonate – Food contact
Power supply                                          Lithium 3,6v battery - Replacement
Battery life                                               2 to 4 years depending on use
Dimensions and weight                          63 x 42 x 25 mm / ~ 60 g
Mounting                                                 Fixing eyelets and integrated magnets
Supplied with                                           Battery, 3 identification rings pack : blue, green and grey
Compliance                                              CE, ROHS, FCC, ETS 300-328, EN 12830
Standard calibration points                      +2°C/ +22°C/ +38°C and 20%/ 50%/ 80%RH

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