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My Sirius Cloud Initial Plan (12 months)

by JRI
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The JRI MySirius cloud application allows fully customisable management thanks to a dashboard and modules adapted to the requirements of the users.

The data transmitted by the Nano Spy dataloggers and is easily viewed and managed in a full web platform.

The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and customisable with different indicators and favorites offering a data management adapted to the user's needs.  

The management of users profile can be customised: Administrators, Site managers, Supervisors, Metrologists...

In case of threshold excursion, an real-time alert is sent. 
JRI MySirius offers a wide range of alarm option and management: multi cascades, snooze, temporary inhibition... and many means of notification: SMS text message, email, audio and visual alarms.

One year subscription to My Sirius Initial Plan.

  • 1 year data archive in the cloud
  • 2 user accounts
  • Includes 100 free SMS alarms, value $50
  • Requires Nano Spy Link and at least one Nano Spy Recorder
  • Upgrade plan to unlimited users