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WeatherHub Smart Home

WeatherHub Smart Home

You can now use your smartphone for mobile climate and home monitoring! With the WeatherHub SmartHome system, you can easily monitor the weather, temperature and other conditions around your house and garden. Install the transmitter exactly where you want to measure the climate data. The determined values are transmitted wirelessly to a gateway module and then to a server. You can retrieve the information on your smartphone any time and stay informed – no matter where you are.
The WeatherHub SmartHome system can be operated quickly and easily with the free app.

This starter set is the basis for your SmartHome system. It consists of the WeatherHub Gateway, power plug and LAN cable, as well as a temperature transmitter to monitor the indoor or outdoor temperature.
With the WeatherHub App, you can retrieve the current readings of your transmitters, with historical values of up to 90 days. In addition, alert limits can be set for all measured values. You will be informed by push notification in case of an alert.
The starter set can be supplemented with up to 50 additional transmitters and connectable devices. For more information select here.

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