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Battery Check battery tester

Battery Check battery tester

The Battery Check battery tester. Model  TFA-98.1126.01

It is small, compact and robust and can be used to quick check of batteries and rechargeable batteries: 
The battery tester is suitable for the most common battery types (type AAA, AA, C, D), button cells (with 1.2V / 1.5V / 3.0V) and 9V block batteries. Since the Battery Check uses the energy of the battery to be tested for the short-term measurement, it does not need its own power supply and it is always ready for use.
Since the device displays the charge status and the battery voltage in volts, you can quickly and easily check whether the battery still has enough power or needs to be replaced. Perhaps the remaining load is still enough for use in a remote control or a torch.

This way you can use batteries and rechargeable batteries sustainably and help to protect the environment by saving on valuable raw materials. Always dispose of completely discharged batteries and discarded rechargeable batteries responsibly in the collection boxes set up in stores or at an appropriate collection point!

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