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Tempmate ®-GS is a revolutionary device that lets you track shipped goods with real-time data – no matter where they’re at in the world. The tempmate ®-GS system is designed to enhance this communication with real-time tracking, GSM, and alerts you can trust.

Great for a wide range of industries, for example pharmaceutical products, or food and produce. With tempmate ®-GS, a data logger that can quickly measure temperature, humidity, light, shock, and location, you can minimize loss of goods and keep them fresh upon delivery.

The global connectivity lets your online team monitor information continuously, allowing them to then react to a problem before it occurs, while it’s in transit, or after it’s been delivered.

Your benefits from our temperature data loggers at a glance:

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Position-Tracking
  • Light and Shock Sensors
  • High-Precision and Self-Calibrating Sensors
  • Smart Design, Intuitive Operation
  • Advanced Reporting And Administration Via tempmate.®-cloud
  • Intelligent LEDs for Status Monitoring
  • Preconfigured but Reprogrammable Before Use
  • Predictive Alarms
  • Worldwide Connectivity

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