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ONLINE ONLY. Our office and warehouse is located in Auckland. All prices displayed are exclusive of GST
Our office and warehouse is located in Auckland. All prices displayed are exclusive of GST

MyFoodCheck Starter Pack

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SKU JRI-12509

MyFoodCheck is a mobile and tablet app that simplifies HACCP temperature measurement operations by using the Bluetherm One connected thermometer. Measurement data is transmitted by the Bluetherm One through the MyFoodCheck app making recording paperless and also enabling quick decisions to be made if thresholds are exceeded.

Starter Pack Includes:
  • MyFoodCheck enabled MySirius Initial 10 Subscription - 1 year
  • BlueTherm 1 Bluetooth thermometer
  • MyFoodCheck App for mobile or tablets available for Android and IOS.

It enables easy management of temperature recording of foodstuffs from reception to the plate. At every stage recording is made easy:

  • At delivery
  • At hot/cold holding
  • At cooling and reheating
  • At storage
  • At cooking 

In the case of non-compliant temperatures, a list of corrective actions is displayed and the information added automatically via the MyFoodCheck app to MySirius.

MyFoodCheck operates in tandem with the FOODCHECK module with MySirius 24/7 monitoring cloud solution. All data is collected in the MyFoodCheck application and is automatically synchronized and saved on the JRI MySirius Platform within the FOODCHECK module. Temperature recordings with a conventional thermometer, can be easily entered manually into the application. The FOODCHECK module provides access to the administration and configuration of alert thresholds, products, corrective actions, monitoring units and suppliers.

It is possible to export data in PDF reports and CVS files and to generate audit trails.


  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Reduces risk your customers
  • Creates detailed digital records that will protect you from litigation
  • Makes sure you’re Always ready for inspection
  • Weekly PDF reports and audit trails

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