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42L Chill Box and LogTag Kit

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For off-site and Outreach vaccinations, this kit includes the following:

  • 1x 42L Dometic Chill Box
  • 1x LogTag model TRED30-16R
  • 1x LogTag temperature probe model ST-100K-15
  • 1x LogTag Glycol bottle
  • 1x LogTag bracket holder
  • 6x Chill Wrap sheets
  • 2x Nova mats
  • 1x LTI-HID Interface
  • LogTag Software free to download from here

System supplied with LogTag datalogger mounted on chill box lid with temperature probe fitted through lid and glycol bottle attached. Please note: cool glycol bottle in fridge to approx 5C for 2 hours prior to starting LogTag and transferring vaccines to chill box.

Each chill box is supplied with refrigerant product and insulation mat as per MOH cold chain standards.

Install the software using the link above and connect the usb interface to configure the logger and download the data.

Product Information PDF
LogTag TRED30-16R PDF
Dometic Chill Box PDF