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33L Chill Box and LogTag Kit (no interface)

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For off-site and Outreach vaccinations, this kit includes the following:

  • 1x 33L Dometic Chill Box
  • 1x LogTag model TRED30-16R
  • 1x LogTag temperature probe model ST-100K-15
  • 1x LogTag Glycol bottle
  • 1x LogTag bracket holder
  • 4x Chill Wrap sheets
  • 2x Nova Mats

System supplied with LogTag mounted on chill box lid with temperature probe fitted through lid and glycol bottle attached. Please note: cool glycol bottle in fridge to approx 5C for 2 hours prior to starting LogTag and transferring vaccines to chill box.

Each chill box is supplied with refrigerant product and insulation mat as per MOH cold chain standards.

Note: Assumes customer existing LogTag user and already has a LTI interface.

Product Information PDF
LogTag TRED30-16R PDF
Dometic Chill Box PDF