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Tecnosoft SPD Software for High Temperature Loggers (Free)

High temperature data loggers management software for computers. It allows to start the devices setting the start delay, mission and duration. It's easy to use, intuitive and full of options. It allows to start the devices setting the start delay, mission duration, notes. After download data are then displayed on graph, with zoom function, and table, exportable in Excel. A multi-graph function is also present to display many curves on a single graph.

Download SPD Software Here

It is possible to put two vertical markers (lines) to highlight a particular area of the process, giving a name to the markers too: for example, it is possible to select the begin and the end of the process, or a particular phase of it, calculating the lethality value for that portion only. The software calculates the lethality value (F0, PU, A0 etc.) of the process to evaluate the level of sterilisation or pasteurisation. In the configuration window it is possible to set the parameters, such as Z and reference temperature, for the lethality calcualtion according to the process you want to monitor. The software, moreover, allows to print complete reports with graph, data table, device serial number, and other notes added by the user. It is also possible to see the battery status of the connected device. The software allows to print complete reports with graph, table, mission data, serial number of the device and notes. It is also possible to check battery status on screen. A special feature gives the possibility to set a stop time for the mission: you can program the logger to automatically stop acquisitions after a certain period expressed in seconds, minutes, hours or days. The SPD software supports the wireless data logger for pasteurisation and sterilisation too, P-Radio and S-Radio. Through the USB Radio Receiver you will be able to receive data in real time from your process. You will see the data one after another, you will be able to assign an alarm profile (on lethality values and temperature values to be reached) and you can choose up to 4 sensors (that can be selected any time) to display a graph both for the temperature and the progressive lethality curve. It is possible to ask to calcualte lethality only for certain curves and exclude the other sensors from the statistics.