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Vaccine Chill Box & LogTag Kits for Immunisations

Vaccine Chill Box & LogTag Kits for Immunisations

Dometic chill boxes can be supplied complete with LogTag datalogger probe system, Chill Wrap and insulation Nova mat set.

There are 2 options for each of the 4 Dometic models offers. One system is supplied for a new user of LogTag products (with interface) and the other for existing users (no interface).

Each chill box has a LogTag datalogger and probe fully fitted and supplied with the appropriate number of Chill Warp sheets and 2 Nova mats cut to the size of the chill box model.

Additional Chill Wrap sheets are available to purchase and Nova mats are available as a set.

Note: Users are still required to validate their model system as required by the MOH Cold Chain Standards.

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