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Apera PH60 Premium Pocket pH Tester Kit

Apera PH60 Premium Pocket pH Tester Kit

Apera Instruments manufactures quality pH instrumentation.

The PH60 pocket pH tester kit, has an easy auto calibration with buffer recognition, auto temperature compensation (ATC) ensuring accuracy in variant temperatures (0-50.0°C). Its stated accuracy: ±0.01 pH, 0.5°C, Range: -2.00 to 16.00 pH.

Its compatible with four types of replaceable probes depending on your specific testing need.

The auto recognition of stable values (optional Auto HOLD function available) improves consistency so you don't have to guess when to manually hold measurement. Its has a large clear screen with 3 backlit color (indicating 3 different modes), dual display of temp./pH, and reminders of completed calibrations and stable readings

The complete kit comes with ready-to-use calibration solutions, calibration bottles, storage solutions, AAA batteries, and a lanyard all in a premium portable carrying case. More Information

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